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Examples to develop and configure Watson Assistant extensions APIs

The objective of this repository is to provide several simple implementation examples of applications, which will be integrated as an extension to IBM Cloud Watson Assistant service.

Each application needs to have an Open API specification (3.0 is supported).

This repository contains the source code and the steps how to do the setup and use the extension in the IBM Cloud Watson Assistant service. You can also visit the Assistant-Toolkit to get started with the development and usage of custom extensions.

Here is a 1-hour YouTube live stream related to this repository.

Watson Assistant extension APIs - develop and configure a Node.js container

Used IBM Cloud services

The diagram shows the simplified architecture dependencies of the running example on IBM Cloud.

Simplified architecture dependencies

The following diagram displays the simplified architecture dependencies inside a Watson Assistant Service. In the examples we are going to integrate a custom extension to an assistant instance.

  1. Add a custom extensions

    1. We have an assistant instance inside Watson Assistant service.
    2. The assistant instance simplified contains environments, integrations and actions.
    3. The integrations do contain a catalog of extensions.
    4. The extension catalog contains Out-Of-The-Box and maybe custom extensions.
    5. A custom extension uses an Open API specification of an application to consume the REST API provided by this application.
  2. Make a custom extension available for usage in an action.

    1. Add the custom extension the environments of the assistant instance.
  3. Use the custom extension in a step of an action.

Topics for each example

  • Local development and containerization
  • Deployment to Code Engine
  • Creation of an Open API documentation
  • Set up of the integration between the custom extension and an assistant instance

Simple coding examples