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Deploy to Code Engine

1. Resources we are going to create

We will create following in Code Engine resources.

Locally we will create the Open API JSON and YAML with the correct application URL:

Deploy the application

Step 1: Verify the automation for the registry and repository and the image tag.

export REGISTRY=""
export REPOSITORY=tsuedbroecker
export COMMONTAG="v0.0.3"
export EXTENSION_IMAGE="$REGISTRY/$REPOSITORY/nodejs-assistant-extension:$COMMONTAG"

Step 2: Execute following commands

cd code/node-js-extension
export ROOTFOLDER=$(pwd)
export MYPROJECT=ce-assistant-extension
export RESOURCE_GROUP=default
export REGION=eu-de

ibmcloud login (-sso)
ibmcloud target -r $REGION -g $RESOURCE_GROUP

sh ./

Step 3: Verify the output

The output shows the URL of the Code Engine application.

 - Extension  :

Step 4: Insert following URL in your browser http://[APPLICATION_URL]/v1/getmessage

Step 5: Insert into the requested login in your browser the values for user and password as admin.

Step 6: Verify the output

You should get this output "{"message":"Code Engine usage"}"scaled