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This Node-RED flow is for absolute beginners with minimal Javascript programming knowledge, who plan to participate in Hackathons.

Here a 25 min guide and overview on YouTube

Absolute beginner Node-RED flow (2021)


The documentation guides you to following main topics in Node-RED:

How to ...

  • ... save data in a database?
  • ... search for entries in a database?
  • ... display data in a UI?

The flowing gif shows the usage of final flow implementation in Node-RED.


The motivation for that example project is: When I support Hackathons I notice there's often a lack of programming knowledge and building UIs. If this is the case, then Node-RED is a perfect starting point to realize a prototype at a hackathon. The dashboard of Node-RED is an awesome way to build a UI, but there was a "out of the box" Node missing to simply to add a table. Now I found a very useful Node that’s create a table inside a Node-RED dashboard.

That’s motivated me to create this example project, which provides an example to build a simple application from scratch, which contains the main functionalities to insert data, display data in a table and search for values, as you see in the gif below.

Estimated time and level

Time Level Topic
15 min beginners prerequisites
30 min beginners (option 1) build flow absolute beginner from scratch
10 min beginners (option 2) import existing absolute beginner flow


After the setup of the example should be able to use your Node-RED instance on IBM Cloud to


The following diagram shows the simplified architecture of the example Node-RED application.


You should have a ...

Additional resources