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Add a input form to the UI (YouTube 12:10)

The image contains the form, function and debugnode, we will create.

Step 1: Configure the UI input form

Step 2: Configure the UI input form

Remember the structure of the UI elements.

  • Add a group with the name user

  • Add a tab with the name Home and press add

  • Press add

  • Give the UI from a name Insert a new User and add the input fields for firstname, lastname and country

  • Add a function node and insert following code and wire the nodes

The code ensures that the data will be save in the right JSON format we need.

var data = {};
data.user = msg.payload;
msg.payload = data;
return msg;

  • Press `Deploy

Step 7: Open in a new browser tab https://[your-host]/ui/

Example URL: `

Step 8: Insert a name and press SUBMIT

Step 9: Now wire the function as input for the database

Step 10:Press Deploy