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Create data entries YouTube (2:40)

In this part we create an inject and a cloudant out node.

Background: In our situation we will use Node-RED on IBM Cloud with and Cloudant service instance, which contains a database to save the flows and more for our Node-RED instance. We use Cloud Foundry as our runtime for the Node-RED instance and with the existing Cloudant service binding, we easly can reuse our existing Cloudant service to create a absolute beginner database with a cloudant out node.

The image below shows the dependencies of application, binding and database service.

Step 1: Configure the inject node to create a JSON value

Step 2: Insert into the inject node following JSON

{ "user": {
    "firstname": "Thomas",
    "lastname": "Suedbroecker",
    "country": "Germany"

Step 3: Open a new browser tap and login to your IBM Cloud account

Step 4: In the dashboard select `App

Step 5: Now press on your Node-RED App you created in the last video

Step 6: Select in the App Cloudant->Open Dashboard

Step 6: In the Cloudant database service press Launch Dashboard

Step 7: Now you can see the existing database nodered

Later we will find here our absolute-bebinner database

Step 8: Add a cloudant out node and give the database the name: absolute beginner

Step 9: In the cloudant in node, verify you have selected Only store msg.payload object?

Step 10: Select Open dashboard for your Cloudant service in our existing Node-RED app

Step 11: Now press Launch dashboard

Step 12: Verify in your existing Cloudant service instance, that you don't have a absolute beginner database

Step 13: Press data input and verify in your existing Cloudant service was created a new database called absolute beginner

Step 14: Press deploy